The Effect of Apple Polyphenols

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You might have probably come across some information about the effect of apple polyphenols on lab animals. Rats on apple polyphenols have been noticed to quickly become leaner and live to an older age. This is all thanks to the antioxidants that can be found in green apples.

There is no mistake; they can only be found in green apples. All the research into these polyphenols is coming from the young immature apples. Take a bite out of one and you will see how bitter they are.

These bitter immature green apples are the only ones that the scientists have been able to get results out of with their lab rats. Some of the scientists have been able to try their extracts out on other animals and also amazingly a few humans.

The effects have been positive thus far. The only sad thing however is that we can't just stroll to the grocer and think the apples we buy there will do the wonders for us as well. This is all due to the fact that those apples have probably been through cold storage which has made them lose a lot of these antioxidants.

All this research even until today can be said to be only at a sapling stage. A lot more controlled studies and time is still needed before any solid facts can be based upon.

So can they really be trusted to reduce our unwanted belly fat? Chances are yes. Should we go out and buy as many fresh apples as possible? You probably should.

Having never tried out the extracts of these apple polyphenols, I am the wrong person to tell you whether or not you should try them out. It all boils down to you.

If you however have tried other means of losing fat without dieting or exercising, then you should give these a try as well.

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