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The goal of most bodybuilders is to get both ripped and shredded. Extreme muscle building requires testosterone. New and better supplements are constantly being developed with the goal increasing the quantity and effectiveness of testosterone. CryoTest, a breakthrough product from MuscleTech, offers a unique formula with three key components. Scientific research has demonstrated that these components raise testosterone levels in ways that increase muscle mass.

Description of CryoTest

CryoTest by MuscleTech is a powerful, safe, and legal muscle building supplement containing a propriety blend of ingredients and complex formulas. Four capsules of CryoTest are taken twice daily totaling almost five grams of product each day. CryoTest contains extracts or formulations from this partial list of the ingredients shown on its product label:

L-Carnitine Fumarate

Serenoa Repens Extract (Fruit)

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine


Yohimbe HCL


Eucommia Longifolia Extract (Leaf)

Ptychopetalum Olacoides (Bark)


Panax Quinquefolius Extract (Root)

How CryoTest Works

First, a powerful, new complex in CryoTest greatly raises the amount of testosterone in the blood. Research shows that this formulation increases testosterone production more effectively and more safely than testosterone-increasing drugs. In clinical tests, the complex in CryoTest lowered the amounts of DHT and the enzyme 5AR, which resulted in much higher levels of testosterone by the third day. Testing this complex at higher doses even slowed the conversion of extra testosterone into estradiol, which could cause a side effect.

A second study showed that another formula in CryoTest helps testosterone get into the muscles. Specifically, this formula increased pre-training androgen receptors, which in turn amplified the use of the anabolic hormone, testosterone by the muscles during training. A third compound in CryoTest is a growth hormone (GH)-potentiating ingredient. Clinical research has shown that taking this ingredient prior to resistance exercise positively impacts GH levels.

In addition, studies have shown that the L-Carnitine in CryoTest helps burn fat instead of the glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue during intense workouts. This is important because the energy stored in carbohydrates can be exhausted quickly. Because L-Carnitine spares the supply of glycogen, more of it is available during periods of heavier workloads and or exertion. Taking a dosage of CryoTest before a workout increases the effectiveness of its muscle-building, testosterone-increasing abilities, and aids recovery as well.

Who Uses CryoTest

CryoTest by MuscleTech is most popular among young men in their 20s and 30s, but active men in their 40s or older take it as well. In fact, the successful testosterone research included men in their 70s. Common reasons for taking CryoTest are to boost muscle mass and tone, to lower body fat, both to gain and lose weight, and to gain strength..

Not surprisingly, the possible side effects of taking CryoTest, include acne and increased aggression. The risks of these types of side effects tend to be present with any supplements designed for increased testosterone production. If you would like more information and to read user reviews and personal experiences with Cryotest, please visit this Cryotest review.

John MacNamara is a lead researcher for the website Supplement News, with his specialty is researching and writing about natural ingredients used to boost muscle strength and performance. In his spare time, John serves as a consultant to the nutritional supplement industry and competes in triathlons.

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