Using Aromatherapy to Calm the Effects of Autism

Autism is a neurological condition with several recognised characteristics. The main is Social Anxiety. Without guided support School and social activities can be difficult for those suffering Autism.

Autistic children and adults are also known to have abilities more advanced than mainstream kids. Some autistic kids for example, can play musical instruments like professionals. Others are mathematical geniuses.

To stabilise and regulate moods and sensory function, medications are sometimes used.

Autistic children and adults may have tendencies to display hyperactive behaviour when confronted with particular smells or colours. Other Environmental factors may cause adverse reactions and no known reason why. I used to work with a young Autistic man who had severe hyperactive swings every time he arrived at his house. It was discovered after about 6 weeks that he did not like the colour of the Letterbox that had been installed about a week before the hyperactivity started. Rather than remove the letterbox or change its colour we slowly introduced the colour into more of his "fun times" and the fear of the letterbox disappeared.

Therapeutic Aromatherapy and Autism
Aromatherapy may have several benefits to the Autistic individual. Aromatherapy can be used as an aid to calming and relaxation. It can also promote a higher self-esteem. Autistic children may benefit from Neck and shoulder massages using an organic massage base oil with Lavender which may provide a soothing effect and induce a calmer environment to aid sleeping.

Cedarwood Essential Oil can invigorate and motivate the senses and relax the body at the same time. Cedarwood may in Social Interaction and stabilise mood swings throughout the day.

Clinical Aromatherapy and Autism
Autistic children can act hyperactively when confronted with certain aromas, perfumes or flavours. Aromatherapy may be a suitable application to slowly introduce aromas to an autistic child's environment building up over time to immunity to the fear of the smell.

Essential oils can be introduced in burners, massage oils, house cleaning and cooking situations. A drop of oil could also be placed on a cotton wool ball and placed under the pillow at night. Other smells can be introduced in a similar way to Essential oils.

Essential oils can be Toxic if used at full strength. The smallest amount of essential oil goes a long way.

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of health problems and for cleansing and relaxation. There is potential for many positive uses of Aromatherapy and essential oils in the treatment of symptoms associated with Autism.

Speak to your Doctor or Therapist before choosing Aromatherapy for your Autistic Child. Essential oils have many benefits and can aid in the prevention or healing of many complaints. Every individual is different. Some essential oils can be toxic. Some oils must never be ingested while others require limited exposure to the sun due to phototoxicity. Read the label and ask your supplier if you are in doubt of the safest use for any particular oil. Not just the one in this article.

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