Using Chinese Herbs to Relieve Lyme Disease Symptoms

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Many Chinese herbs have been found to be helpful in treating Lyme Disease, which is a bacterial infectious disease that comes from Borrelia Burgdorferi, a spirochetal organism. Typically, it is introduced to the system through a tick bite.

More people living in the northeastern United States seem to be prone to Lyme Disease although there have also been cases reported from all of the lower states. In the first stages, it can be treated with antibiotics but often it's not detected in time. A bull's eye rash is a trait of Lyme Disease, but a lot of patients never develop it. Since there are so many symptoms that appear in the later stages, it's hard to properly diagnose it. Medical tests are frequently still not accurate.

Lyme Disease usually lowers the body temperature and causes poor blood circulation. The patient may also develop cysts, lumps and swelling throughout their bodies. There's also a lot of pain associated with this disease. Chinese herbs such as pseudoginseng, or san qi, Frankincense or ru axing, and myrrh or mo yao can clear blood stasis and relieve blood stagnation are very helpful. They improve circulation in the body and lessen the pain.

One of the most debilitating symptoms of this disease is that of fatigue. Chinese herbs that can help with this symptom are Siberian ginseng, licorice, astraglus and schizandra. These herbs improve the energy level, as well as digestion, and the ability to handle stress.

Dong quai, white peony, and wolfberry make the blood healthier and take away the fatigue. Brain function can be improved by eucommia and polygonum. Such Chinese herbs as longan fruit, bupleurum, dragon bone, zyzyphus seed, magnolia bark, and oyster shell help with the lack of focus, sleeplessness, anxiety, and depression that often accompany Lyme Disease.

This is a very complex illness that takes on many forms. That's why many sufferers seek out Chinese herbal medicine for symptom relief. These herbs can be used to treat the many aspects of this disease in an overall manner that includes holistic properties.

While this may not be considered modern medicine by many, it's been found that using Chinese herbs to treat the symptoms of this disease have actually improved the overall health of the patient. Most people with this insidious disease are more than willing to try anything that may work, and Chinese herbs have been among the most successful of alternative remedies.

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