What is Organic Traffic?

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An organic traffic is simply a web traffic that is coming from search engines to your website as the result of keyword based search query that your website give results to. This kind of traffic is natural without using any paid listings of your website. It's a free web traffic that can be achieved by way of naturally promoting your website.

SEO or search engine optimization is the process to be done to generate organic traffic to your website or blog. With the proper implementation of SEO you will see in no time that organic traffic is flowing into your website.

How to generate more organic traffic to your website?

This will entirely depend on how you effectively promote your website using different tools and SEO techniques. As you may already know there are many ways to increase properly your organic traffic to your website or blog by applying the methods SEO experts have been told to us.

First, is to optimize your page. You can to this by scrutinizing every page of your website to make it in SEO optimized format. The usage of proper title (which is your keyword), description (something enticing and also has keywords), header tags, alt tags and w3c validation should be observed. Make sure every page has its unique title and description to avoid duplicate and the most important thing is have a unique content. Unique content will separate you from the rest giving you less competition and a greater chance to show up in search results.

Second, is the offpage optimization or better known as link building. In this process, after you fully optimized your page, you will now start building links which are the sole basis of getting into the top of search results. With so many link building tactics today it's better to start off with traditional ones.

Here's some list of traditional link building methods.

* Search engine submission (Although most people would say that search engine submission is a waste of time that if it's a good search engine it will find your website in time but I would somehow not agree totally on this logic. There is still difference if you wait or act now, right?)
* Forum posting
* Blog commenting
* Directory submission
* Press release
* Article submission
* Social bookmarking

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