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Losing your keys before work, forgetting people's names, missing appointments, we've all been there. Forgetfulness is common as we age, but the key to keeping your memory may be no farther than your refrigerator. That's because experts are finding that certain foods and nutrients can actually protect your memory and boost brain power. If you're experiencing memory loss, try getting more of the following foods.


Fish are a great source of omega 3-fatty acids which are important for a variety of brain processes, including memory. A study found that students who supplemented with omega 3-fatty acids improved reading speed and comprehension, writing and concentration skills. Omega 3's can also benefit other areas of the body, including the heart.


Yes we all know that fruits are good for us, but do you actually get enough? If you're experiencing memory problems, getting the right amount of fruit in your diet can go a long way in improving your memory. Fruit is beneficial for our brains in a number of ways. First, they contain antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage. Secondly, the natural sugars found in fruits stimulate the brain, causing it to think faster and recall information easier.


Water is important for brain function for many reasons. Those who don't drink enough water usually substitute with coffee or sugar-loaded soda. These drinks can boost energy for a short period of time, but leave us fatigued after the rush. This fatigue affects our focus, memory, and overall brain performance.

Getting enough water is essential for our mental health because 85% of our brain tissue is made up of water. When dehydrated, blood moves slower causing a lack of nutrients and oxygen in the brain. For optimal brain performance, try to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Red Meat

Red meat is a great source of vitamins B-12 and carnitine, which support healthy brain function. It also contains creatine, which has been shown to improve memory and overall intelligence. The high protein content has also been said to increase visual memory.

Improving your diet and including these foods can go a long way in protecting your memory, and improving brain function. For the best results, try combining your diet with brain exercises. The combination of the two can drastically increase brain function.

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