Zencore Plus - Does it Work? An Honest Review

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Are you worried about your sexual stamina and performance? If your answer is "yes", the latest male enhancement product called "Zencore Plus" may help. Zencore Plus is said to be a safe and natural alternative to promote sexual stamina. The question is: does Zencore Plus work? You will find out the answer in this article.

Firstly, let's take a look on the ingredients of Zencore Plus. It contains the following nutrients: ribulus, Dong Quai, Guava, Indian Woodapple, Desert Broom Rape, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Rehmannia, Maca, Safflower, Fo-Ti, Tienchi, Epimedium, Reishi, Ginseng, Eucommia, Chinese Dodder Seed, Ginger, Wild Yam, Morinda, L-Arginine. These nutrients help to improve overall health and sexual performance .According to claims made by Zencore Plus, these herbal blends promote blood flow to your penis to increase size of erection. However, the downside is the cost of Zencore Plus is rather steep. With proper diet and consistent penis exercise, you can improve erection and sexual stamina without taking any enhancement pills.

The controversy

Zencore Plus was formerly known as "Zencore Tabs". The maker of Zencore Tabs issued voluntary recall after FDA found out that the product contain undeclared prescription drugs that may pose dangerous side effects. These drugs have been taken out from all new products.

The new version of the product, Zencore Plus has removed these drugs. Nonetheless, many costumers said that it has lost effectiveness.

Free Trial: What you need to know

The maker of Zencore Plus is now offering free sample of the product. You are required to pay $9.95 for shipping and handlings to receive the one sample (5 packets). At the same time, you will be automatically enrolled in a membership program which cost $55 every 30 days. If you do not want to join the program, you need to contact customer service to cancel the orders.

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