A Guide To Buying Aromatherapy Essential Oils

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The market for aromatherapy products is huge, and, like most other goods, there's lots of counterfeit items about, so it is sensible to be extremely careful when you are considering a purchase. So, exercise caution before reaching for your wallet.

Before you buy aromatherapy essential oils, you need to ask yourself just why you're buying them. Perhaps it's a candle, a healing liquid or for a massage oil to treat your aching knees, or perhaps for another complaint.

Next, you need to know which essential oils to buy if they are to be blended together. If you're going to use it as massage oil, you need to be sure of which ones to buy. Read up all you can about it or meet a practitioner before investing money in this.

Lastly, please realize that these oils are not made all alike. They vary in origin, method of production, ingredients and purity. So, bear in mind all the above factors before buying your bottles.

Where to buy essential oils from?

Aromatherapy oils can be bought from just about anywhere- dedicated aromatherapy stores, health food shops, herb shops, cosmetic shops, open-air markets, drug stores, supermarkets and online stores.

If you want them as therapeutic essential oils, go to herb stores and health food shops where they are knowledgeable about giving you what you need, rather than go to general supermarkets where you may not get the right thing for your specific requirements. You can also buy them locally in neighborhood health food stores, though they may not have a wide range.

If this is not enough for you and you want a wider canvas to choose from, do you know where to buy them from? Well, you can buy from Internet stores such as MotherNature.com, Essential7, Naturalfragrances.net, 100puresessentialoils.com, quinessence.com, eBay and Amazon.

Lastly, you can also buy from well-established mail order companies that can send them on to you at a lower cost than any health food store.

This should take away all the confusion in your mind about where to buy essential oils.

Tips for first-time buyers: By now, you know exactly from where to buy, but do you know what to look out for before you buy these oils? Here are some tips:

• Ensure that the essential oils you're buying are sold in traditional glass bottles with a dark amber color that blocks light. Plastic bottles dissolve, get tainted and become weak and impure, so they don't serve the purpose.

• Do you find "100% Essential Oil" or "Pure Essential Oil" on the label of the bottle you're looking at? If yes, buy it.

• To check the purity of these oils, take a break for a few minutes so that your nose is clear of earlier fragrances. When you sniff an essential oil, keep your nose at a safe distance from the bottle or the fragrance might just hit your nostrils and make you dizzy.

• If a bottle looks dated or dusty, set it aside because old products have very low healing abilities as they age with time.

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