Aromatherapy Applications - 2 Of The Most Common And How To Use Them

There are several ways to administer essential oils, the two most common being oil burner and massage.

Traditional aromatherapy massage is done in such a way that it moves and drains lymph fluid through the body to avoid fluid retention and build up of toxins in the body. It is important not to move the lymph fluid in the wrong direction throughout the body, and trained aromatherapists are taught the correct manner in which to perform the massage.

Essential oils can, of course, also be used in other types of massage such as sports massage or relaxation massage.Specific oils can be used for specific situations to enhance healing on all levels.

Applying essential oils through massage is a great way to administer, as the oils go through the skin straight into the blood and to the affected area where they are needed. After massage, it is advised not to shower or bathe for at least four hours to give the oils time to do their work.

With massage, the oils are generally applied through what is called a carrier oil. This is generally a nut or vegetable oil such as grape seed oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc. Carrier oils will most likely be cold pressed or macerated.

Oil burners are also a very popular method for aromatherapy application. There are many types of burners available.

With an oil burner, you light a small candle (tea light candle) in the base of the burner and you fill the dish up the top with water and then put drops of essential oils into the water. You need to be careful with these burners that the water does not dry up. It needs to be continually monitored and topped up as required. You must also be careful not to go out and leave the candle burning.

Another option is an electric burner or essential oil diffuser These are extremely safe. They do not get very hot, so if accidentally touched while on, they won't burn. If you go out and forget to turn it off, no matter, because they do not heat to a high level, they are advertised as not being a fire hazard. There is no need for water - you put the drops of oil directly on to the dish once it has heated for a short while.

With an electric burner or essential oil diffuser, they are a little harder to clean. It is easier to clean them when the burner is warm as the oils are soft. If the burner is turned off, the oils can become thick and gluggy when they have cooled down and hence are much more difficult to clean off the surface of the burner.

It is a good idea to clean your electric burner after each use to make cleaning overall easier. Nobody likes cleaning! And burning your oils should be a pleasure, not a chore.

Enjoy your essential oils and the therapeutic value they have whilst you're breathing in the beautiful, relaxing aromas!

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