Aromatherapy Applications - 4 More Easy To Use Methods

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As discussed in another article, burning essential oils or applying them through massage are two of the most popular applications for aromatherapy.

That having been said, there are several other methods of application that might be preferable for you.

1. Baths:

Aromatherapy in baths is a popular alternative. You can either have a full bath, foot bath or a hand bath can be used. With a bath, it is advised to put the drops of essential oil on a teaspoon, then add milk to the spoon, and then put the spoon of milk and oils under the running tap to disperse.

Oils are only about 20% soluble in water, so if they are not diluted beforehand, they will sit on the water rather than disperse through it and if they get caught on the skin, depending on the oil, it could cause irritation. This does not happen very often, but it can and does happen at times, so it is best not to take the risk if you are not sure.

Either soak in your bath, or soak your feet or hands in their bath for at least 20 minutes. Another option, if you are having a shower, is to drop a few drops of essential oil either into the base of the shower and let the steam catch the molecules and lift them into the air or you could add a couple of drops to your shower gel and use your sponge to disperse over your body, being careful to avoid the eyes.

2. Compresses:

Compresses, either hot or cold, are good for various situations.

Using hot, cold or warm water, put 8 drops of essential oils or a blend into a small bowl of 300-500ml water. Agitate the water to make sure the oils are dispersed. You need to use a soft cloth (I use Chux cloths myself, to give you an idea). Holding the cloth over the water, soak up the water with the oils and apply to the affected part. Leave at least 20 minutes.

A hot compress could be used for aches and pains such as an aching back, sore muscles or menstrual pain.

A cold compress could be used for swelling, fluid retention, and injuries such as sprains and inflammation.

A warm compress could be used for headache or fever.

3. Tissue or Handkerchief:

You can apply a couple of drops of oil directly on to a tissue, handkerchief or cotton pad and have it in close proximity. It could go under your pillow, or you could carry it with you and put near your nose intermittently to inhale the aroma.

4. Lotion or Cream:

The essential oils can be mixed into a lotion or cream for easy application.

The cream should be non toxic or it's kind of defeating the purpose.

The dosage for a normal healthy adult is 8 drops of essential oil to 15ml of cream or lotion.

So as you can see, essential oils are very versatile in the way they can be applied and will also assist not just on the physical level, but also the intellectual and emotional levels as well.

Always consult a qualified aromatherapist if at all unsure of anything.

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