Can Aromatherapy Be Successful In Treating Medical Conditions?

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There are many forms of alternative healthcare that may be beneficial to you. Aromatherapy is one form I actually found by accident. I say by accident because it wasn't called aromatherapy. I started with a simple bottle of Peppermint Oil to clear sinuses on the recommendation of a friend.

Studying aromatherapy further to find out what it is and how it can help alleviate symptoms from eczema, psoriasis to achy joints and stress relief, lead me in several different directions finding different essential oils and fragrances that promised more than I imagined or believed. The use of aromatherapy fragrances and essential oils date way back in ancient history and it's used to stimulate nerves within the nose to reach the part of the brain that controls certain functions.

The science of aromatherapy uses scented oils derived from varying parts of plants including the flowers, leaves, and even the roots and bark! The underlying purpose of different scents treats different types of conditions within our bodies. The aromatherapy isn't a replacement of medical treatments, but is used to work with and enhance the treatment of your ailments.

One condition I mentioned was using peppermint oil for sinus relief but also certain allergy sufferers can benefit from aromatherapy. There is a scent advertised called Blue Tansy the scent of choice for allergies. It is also called Moroccan Chamomile. I found conflicting information about it but it is generally considered safe. It doesn't have the long history true chamomiles have since Moroccan Chamomile is not a true chamomile and it is not recommended as a replacement for German or Roman chamomile in blends because it is aromatically and chemically different. My advice is that you learn as much as possible before trying anything sold in the marketplace.

Fatigue, drowsiness and irritability can be treated by using Eucalyptus and Pine scents helping you think clearly and stay alert throughout the day.

I found a lot of uses for Lemongrass to keep mosquitoes and fleas out of the garden, yard and home. Lemongrass and sage scents are also good for fatigue and headache relief calming the nervous system to relax you minimizing the headache.

Even teenagers can use aromatherapy to get help with acne issues? It is believed that Cedarwood, lemon and sandalwood are effective scents helping the body's ability to control hormonal balance and oil production within the skin while relieving stress which can cause acne outbreaks.

Minor medical treatments using aromatherapy is an excellent alternative solution. You can use aromatherapy in candle or liquid form whichever method works best for your personal preferences and keeping track of the scents benefiting you the most.

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