Easy Home Remedies For Sore Throat

A sore throat is usually a simple ailment caused by inflammation of tissues along the ling of the tonsils and larynx. The inflammation sometimes can be painful which makes the affected part raw and feel rough. This will also make swallowing of food both difficult and painful. Sore throats are usually caused by viruses and bacteria, the first area that usually gets affected is the line along the pharynx. A minor sore throat can later develop into colds or cough or even both.

Though simple, and easily curable, sore throat can be a symptom of more serious health complications that needs doctor's evaluation like measles, mumps, influenza and even chicken pox.

If you suffer from this ailment regularly, it would be wise if you know how to make a remedy for a faster relief for this ailment. Medications for this usually depend on its cause. If it is a mild case, gargling with salt and water solution or taking nonprescription painkillers like aspirin will usually give fast relief. For more serious cases however, you need to see your doctor and ask for their prescribed antibiotics if really necessary.

Treatments for it are usually easy find. You can choose those over the counter drugs for a faster and temporary relief of cold causing sore throat or look for home remedies like salt and water solution for a side-effect free treatment.

Cold causing sore throat usually stays in one or a couple of weeks without treatments. If accompanied with sneezing, runny nose and cough, the cold virus may resolve up to two weeks. This of course, can be really uncomfortable. If the ailment is worsening, doctor's evaluation is really advised, especially if it is caused by a bacterium called streptococcus bacterium. This kind of bacteria should be treated using antibiotics to prevent the condition from worsening.

Painkillers like benzocaine and dyclonine or menthol are usually used for fast relief in mild cases. These products come in gargles, lozenges and sprays. Yogurt, fruit shakes, and smoothies are cool remedies for kids who are having sore throat. These foods have nutritional ingredients that strengthen the immune system and ward off bacteria.

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