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Catching cold, or coming down with the flu is pretty common in winter, and its a horrible feeling every time. Having a sore throat is one of the worst feelings for me, and while there are plenty of drugs and pills that actually do a pretty good job of either covering up the discomfort or reducing it in some way, there are also plenty of totally natural remedies and things to help you get better. Here are a few quick and easy thing s to try at home. None of them involve any drugs or weird, potentially dangerous substances, so anyone can safely do it.

1. If you feel like you are coming down with a sore throat (that lumpy sore feeling you often get after a long day outdoors) try gargling with strong salty water. Dissolve 1-2 tsp of salt in a glass of warm water, and gargle it like mouthwash, after you have brushed your teeth. The idea is that the salt kills bacteria in your throat.

2. For sore throats wear a soft scarf to bed and around the house. This helps because the body can more easily fight off infections when temperature is kept close to actual core body temperature. Your neck and throat lose a lot of heat, and even very slightly lowered temperature is better for bacteria to survive in.

3. For a bad sore throat, try eating a small spoon of honey every now and again. It is naturally antibacterial, and naturally soothing as well.

4. Get lots of natural vitamin C. Eat oranges, fresh vegetables, and make yourself lemonade from real lemons. This can be drunk warm or cold, and can be sweetened with a bit of honey.

The easiest way to make the lemon juice is definitely to use a citrus juicer, a handy little gadget that take the hard work out of squeezing lemons and limes.

Finding a good compact and stylish citrus juicer you can use to make your own lemon juice to use as a remedy for cols and flus is easy online. When buying a handheld citrus juicer preferably find one made of metal, as this will not bend or break after sustained use on firm fruit.

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