Almonds - Beneficial for Health

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Almond is known to be the most advantageous and healthiest of all nuts. It contains nutrients like healthy fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals. Almonds get the maximum score when we compare the health benefits present in different nuts. Almonds are available in both sweet and sour form.

For adding flavors to a lot of things, oil made out of sour almonds is used. However, normally we eat sweet almonds. There many ways in which people use almonds, such as using it for milk shakes to make it healthy or using it for salad dressing.

Almond is known to be very helpful for curing cold and cough, diabetes, heart related problems, constipation, respiratory disorders and diabetes. It has proved to be really useful for skin problems, hair fall and teeth related problems. In addition to that, the oil extracted out of almonds is use to add flavors in the food we eat.

Almonds are said to be very beneficial when consumed without combining it with anything else. The body consumes maximum nutrients out of almonds when it is eaten on an empty stomach. Almonds can also be eaten in the morning by soaking it in water overnight. Mentioned below are some of the health benefits that almonds are replete with.

Almonds contain vital nutrients which prove to be very beneficial for the development of the brain. Young kids should be given almonds everyday as it helps in the enhancement of their growth. Mothers should give 2-3 almonds soaked overnight to their kids daily.

The cholesterol level of the body can be maintained be consuming almonds regularly. Almonds help to maintain the cholesterol level in the body by raising the HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) and reduce the level of LDL (Low density Lipoproteins). The body's bad cholesterol is called LDL.

A person can reduce the risk of heart problems by eating almonds regularly. Almonds rich in vitamin C behave like antioxidant and lower the risk of heart diseases, which, in turn, helps the body's blood pressure to function properly. Almond helps in reducing weight and at the same time keeps at bay diabetes and cancer related problems.

Consumption of almonds daily can keep you away from all problems related to health. Almonds contain nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. which are an integral part of our body. Hence, everyone should eat almonds daily to maintain a fit and fine body.

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