Curative Properties and Natural Benefits of Onions

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Have you ever experienced nose running and eyes tearing when slicing onions for use at home or have you ever bordered to take a deep breath and enjoy the flow? You experience running nose and eyes tearing as a result of some sulfur compounds that are present in onions. These compounds will lower your likelihood of having heart attack, diabetes and cancer.

Onions are now being grown in almost all parts of the world and are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables of the lily family. It is of red, white and yellow varieties which bring about strong odor when crushed. You can eat the vegetable raw; use it for seasoning and flavoring. Onions are of great curative and natural importance as you can administer them for the treatment of tooth ache and disorders, cholera, respiratory ailments, skin problems, sexual weakness, heart disease, bleeding piles, anemia and urinary system problems.

This vegetable which serves as food from inception is highly valued for the therapeutic properties it contains. It should be noted at this point that when using onions for the treatment of any ailment, the white specie is the preferred of the three types available. They are diuretic, stimulant and expectorant. If you are using this plant for therapeutic purposes, it is advisable to use its juice instead of the whole of it because it is a multi purpose medicine. However, for its irritation and stimulation, excess consumption of it should be avoided.

This plant is of great value as many of its parts have a place in the traditional medicines. For instance, the stalks of onion are a good source of Vitamin A, C and thiamin, while the seeds of its semen can be administered for the relief of dental worms and urinary diseases. It can be used for the treatment of different ailments at both tender and mature stages.

The sulfur compounds that are contained in onions are what make them multi-purpose natural medicine. This same sulfur compounds are present in garlic, leek and scallion which also make them medicinal and useful in traditional medicine. However, do not forget that the white of the three types available is preferred when using the plant as alternative medicine. This plant can be taken raw or used s seasoning on meat chicken and fish. Nevertheless, its intake must be limited to avoid complication and after effect. It is not not a big deal to get onions as they can be found in any part of the world.

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