Exploring The Benefits Of Onion And Garlic

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Onions and garlic are perhaps the most and best consumed herbs on the planet today. They are found together or separately in many dishes all across continents. In botanic terms both herbs belong to the same family known as Allium cepa. There are hundreds upon hundreds of other different species of allium cepa found all across the world. To most people onion or garlic are good enough to simply add taste and flavor to a variety of dishes. However, it is clear there is more to onion and garlic as the following paragraphs will show.
The Benefits Of Onion
Considered effective in fighting certain types of bacteria, onion is used in certain cultures around the world to treat specific day-to-day ailments. In particular it kills bacteria such as bacillus subtilis, salmonella and even E.Coli. It is also commonly used to treat coughs and colds. Even the world's most recognized body for health, the World Health Organization (WHO) has some positive things to say and recommendations about onion. They believe the herb is effective and useful in dealing with respiratory infections and bronchitis apart from flu and cold.
Individuals with a lot of phlegm including those who are quitting smoking and coughing can also find relief in onions. Typically the onion is cut into pieces to facilitate onion juice extraction which is then mixed with honey for a cough syrup. The actual preparation instructions include letting the syrup sit for up to five hours before consuming it twice per day.
Cancer is an ongoing chronic problem in our society today. Many people are actively looking for alternatives to treating and preventing cancer. Onion is also among natural remedies that can be used on a regular basis for overall cancer prevention. It can be noted that the use of onion reduces the risk of cancer. Cancer prevention benefits are mostly associated with stomach cancer. It is believed onion prevents tumor growth.
The Benefits Of Garlic
Considered one of the best healing herbs, garlic has even greater healing properties than onion as a result of its higher sulfur content. The centre to health benefits found in garlic lie in allicin and diallyl sulphides compounds. Just like onion you can count on garlic for common cold and flu treatment. The role of garlic in healthy living has even gone as far as a strong association between garlic and low blood pressure. Garlic is also thought to play a positive role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.
With all these benefits associated with onion and garlic it is apparent that eating dishes with these herbs is more than just a meal but a great investment in one's medium to long-term health.
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