Green Lemons Are Not Unripe Lemons

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You squeeze them and they are also the fruit with the largest amount of acid. Green lemons contain more vitamin C than grapefruit, therefore, being very useful with coughing, flu or any kind of cold. Also, they prevent cancer. These lemons are mainly cultivated for their juice, which is used for drinks, adding to their flavour. Here are some recommendations when it comes to the way you should use and choose these fruit.

First of all, you should only choose the ones that are hard and heavy because these are the lemons which have the largest amounts of juice. Then, you should choose those which are shiny and either light green or dark green. If there are any small brown portions or areas on the lemon, you should not worry about them because they have nothing to do with the taste of the lemon. However, you should not go for those green lemons which have a wrinkled peel because this means that the lemon is dry.

Green lemons can be preserved in a plastic bag at room temperature as well as in the fridge. You can keep them for up to three weeks. If you choose the first scenario, you will then get a lot more juice, but you can also go for the second one. In order to get a whole cup of fresh lemon juice, you need about six or nine green lemons. If you squeeze the lemons manually, you should roll your palm on the hard surface before you squeeze them.

Last but not least, green lemons or the juice you get from is a very good replacement for salt, which is something very important when it comes to your health.

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