Health Benefits From Drinking Lemon Water

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More often than not people like to have the added flavor of lemon juice in their meals. When you go to a restaurant they will put lemon in your water as well. But has the thought ever crossed your mind that lemon water may actually have health benefits? There are ten different health benefits that your body will profit from in the long run from you drinking lemon water.

The first benefit from adding lemon water to your daily intake is that it is good for your stomach. Certain illnesses such as heartburn and parasites can be relived. Another thing that the lemon juice will do is to help regulate bowels and make waste removal much easier.

Lemon water is also helpful for your skin care. For example, when lemon water is placed on burns, it will help reduce the chance of scars as well as fading scars that occur. It will also help to cool the sensation that occurs when your skin suffers from a burn. It can also be beneficial in helping to relieve pain that is caused by a toothache. If your gums are bleeding you can mix this solution and rub it on your gums to stop the bleeding. If you suffer from bad breathe, you will notice that the juice will take care of the odor.

Lemon is one of the most helpful fruits when it comes to helping with throat problems such as tonsillitis and a sore throat. This is because this type of fruit contains an antibacterial property. All you will need to do to help with throat infections is mix lemon with water in a fifty - fifty ratios and then gargle every few hours.

You can even drink a glass of water with added lemon and honey to help you to lose weight in a more natural way versus taking harmful diet pills. People who suffer from high blood pressure can also be relieved to know that by drinking water with added lemon they can help to not only regulate their blood pressure but it also will help with any dizziness and nausea.

Other medical problems that drinking a glass of water with lemon can help to cure include rheumatism and also any respiratory disorders. It also helps to break a fever by causing perspiration that can sweat out the toxins. And lastly lemon water act like a blood purifier and therefore can be beneficial in fighting cholera and malaria.

It is easy to know see why you should drink that glass of water with added lemon the next time it is offered at a restaurant.

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