Health Benefits of Almond Butter

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After being introduced to almond butter I fell in love! Almond butter has the look and consistency of peanut butter but a little darker, and of course, made from almonds! Almond butter is absolutely delicious and can be used in sandwiches with fruit, jelly, or on its own. It can also be mixed into oatmeal, (my fave!) flax meal, stirfry and stews. It is a great condiment to have around the house for a quick snack, and if you have been enjoying peanut butter your whole life, it is a really nice change of pace.

The first thing I noticed after eating almond butter for a week or so, was that my nails became thicker, stronger and shiny. This is from the butter being high in vitamin E.

Here are other benefits of (all natural) almond butter:

-Lowers cholesterol and prevents diabetes

-Contains heart healthy monounsaturated fats

-A great pre or post "workout snack," for energy and protein.

-Contains good amounts of calcium, fiber, magnesium, folic acid and potassium

-Alleviates symptoms of BPH (enlarged prostate) in men.

-It will keep you full for hours.

-An alternative to peanut butter when you need to pack a lunch (for your children) in a peanut-allergy conscientious environment

Almond butter is not necessarily healthier than peanut butter. It simply has the health benefits of almonds, while peanut butter has that of peanuts. I love both! Purchase both butters 100% natural to avoid the hydrogenated oils put in to prevent the oil from separating. Once you mix the butter and place it in the fridge, it's no longer an issue anyway!

Try It!

Kaleena Lawless
Personal Training Specialist

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