Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

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Lemons contain many important food ingredients, such as citric acid. Due to their flavor and health benefits, they are used in many dishes and juices. In addition, lemon juice is used as a preservative and helps in preventing discoloration of the meat products. Lemons kept at room temperature are juicier than those refrigerated.

Moreover, you can also microwave lemons for a few seconds before juicing them. It will helps you extract more juice.

There are many health benefits of using Lemons. Some of them are:

Lemons prevent and cure a large number of diseases and viruses.

As lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C, it helps in strengthening your gums and teeth.

Lemons are also used to treat various throat disorders including choking sensation and itching.
Lemons also help in treating digestive problems as lemon juice increases the quantity of saliva and produces gastric juice, which is a digestive agent. In addition, lemon juice kills the intestinal worms and removes harmful gases present in the digestive tract.

Other than this, lemon juice provides a proven relief in cold conditions. Just half liter of water boiled in lemon juice extracted from two lemons, and then add honey. Take it at bedtime.

As the lemon contains vitamin P, lemon juice also helps in controlling hemorrhage and preventing capillary fragility. Lemon is highly effective in treating high blood pressure conditions. If you are feeling tired, you should have one glass of lemon juice as it provides you instant energy and improves blood circulation. Soaking your sore feet in hot water and rubbing them with fresh lemon juice is the best way to comfort them. While hot water opens the pores, lemon juice provides a relaxing and cooling action. This treatment boosts comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Lemon juice provides not only internal benefits but adds flavor and aroma to vegetables and fruits.

Sandra Rathbun is a health and nutrition expert, who also owns a blog on fruits and their benefits. She regularly writes articles on acai berries and blue berries.

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