Health Benefits of Lemons

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Lemons do have many uses since they were discovered in early Europe or the Americas. Its origin was unknown, although early Europeans have the upper hand on its uses rather than the rest of the race. It has been the company of women in the kitchen, considered a natural remedy on most common ailments for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties to cleanse, heal wounds and to deodorize odor. It was also considered as skin whitener and purifier by many women for so many centuries since it was discovered its uses for health and beauty to people, children and animals.

Lemons for its acid, aromatic, bitter and pungent flavors are the favorite flavor enhancer in most dishes like pork, beef, poultry, fish or seafood. It also adds flavors to marinade which it can be absorbed easily through the fleshy part of the dishes. In cocktails, it is the favorite ingredient to add zing to the drink.

When it comes to beauty and physical fitness, drinking many glasses of lemonade every day could quench your thirst and rehydrating you in the process. One of its beauty benefits are its skin whitening properties by which it can whiten and clarify skin like bleach. It has bleaching power that can remove blemishes and dark spots on your skin.

With constant drinking of lemonade, its presence in the intestines can be a sort of stomach wash. It will cleanse and at the same time eliminates those bacteria and other living organisms that were stuck in between those stomach lining walls. Eliminating those toxins and other harmful organisms can make your body free of any radicals that can make you sick.

Drinking lemonade more often, like six to eight glasses every day could be very beneficial to one's health. Aside from its being a "Master Cleanse" it is also recognized as "diuretic". It would mean "constant" trips to the bathroom every now and then, which is also a good sign in the elimination of waste.

When having colds, cough and sore throat, lemons could also give "wonders" to all of these cold miseries. Drinking lots of lemonade while you have those colds and sore throat could relieve you of those cold symptoms before you know it.

And it is a perfect antiseptic for bleeding gums and chapped lips. A swish of lemonade is what it takes every time you drink a glass of it. And a little olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon could be a very good treatment for chapped lips. And, also a perfect rub for sunburned skin.

A lemon peel could also be a very good source of a "balm" to treat dizziness, motion sickness, headaches and anxiety for its aroma therapeutic properties to relieve and relax the mind while traveling or in a "bad mood".

It is also a very good source of fabric, room, or closet freshener for its fresh, lemony and citrus scent.

In early Europe, lemon peel, pulp and juices when mixed with special oils, like: almond, olive, and palm can be a very good source of skin and hair care.

The Lemonade Diet is one of the oldest weight loss and detoxification alternative diets. It has been used successfully by thousands of people. The lemonade diet pill is the newest generation of lemonade diet regimen which was formulated in pill form to offer better results than the original diet recipe.

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