Health Benefits of Onions

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With the many benefits of onions, it is no wonder why onions are a good treat for any sandwich or salad. Onions are used normally to add flavoring to your meal, but also was used as a therapeutic property. Onions have many benefits and are often a help to many disorders you may have. From a case of vertigo from the inflammation of nerves to good for your hair, nails, and eyes, onions can benefit you greatly. Other health benefits of onions are:

1. Lowers blood sugar - With the lowering of blood sugar, it is a healthy thing to add to your diet if you are diabetic. There are times when you worry whether you are eating correctly or if you are just raising your blood sugar to the point of hurting yourself. Through eating onions, you can prevent any worry you may have.

2. Sinus help - No one likes a stuffed up nose and a headache. Eating an onion will loosen up the phlegm and circulate the sinus problem to prevent it from turning into something worse. Onions help drain the mucus that is trapped in your sinuses.

3. Lowers cholesterol - Everyone can lower their cholesterol. There are even healthy people who have high cholesterol. Eating onions will help lower the cholesterol and make you feel healthier and happier. No one wants to have to take medicine all their lives when they can correct the problem with a simple object.

4. Helps destroy parasites - Parasites grow all the time. Whether you are a healthy person, you can catch parasites. Onions helps your body break down the parasites that can affect your body. Everyone wants to have a healthy body and that starts with instituting onions.

The health benefits of onions can been a good thing for you if you are conscience of your health. Thinking of your health should be the utmost importance. Onions can benefit your health with helping asthma and insomnia. They help in so many ways that anyone can see that it is a smart decision that you start taking them and adding them to your diet. This is the choice to make.

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