Hibiscus Flowers

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When Hibiscus flowers are mentioned, many visualize the exotic red blossom pinned in the hair of a woman. The Hibiscus - one of the most beautiful flowers in the world - comes in numerous colors, shapes and sizes. Some have single petals, others double or crested, and some do not open fully. Sizes vary from tiny to 10-12 inches.

The flower of each species of the Hibiscus has its own individuality. The colors and the combinations are fabulous. Hibiscus come with romantic names like Sun Showers, Midnight Blue, Silver Shadow and Sunny Moon to name a few.

This dream flower is in great demand for decorative purposes, and this demand has developed into a big business.

Hibiscus flowers are not just endowed with beauty. They are useful in many ways. In some countries, Hibiscus are called "shoe flowers." Perhaps this is because they can be used as black shoe polish. Shampooing with hibiscus flowers is supposed prevent dandruff and stimulate hair growth. There are branded cosmetic products containing the Hibiscus flower extract. And, they are believed to have anti-bacterial properties, as well as correct liver and stomach aliments. There are also claims that the flower acts as laxative and diuretic, relaxes the uterus, controls blood pressure, increases circulation and reduces cholesterol. The high vitamin C content in Hibiscus flowers helps resist colds and chest congestion.

The major consumption of this bloom is Hibiscus tea. The Arabs, who invented this tea, call it 'karkady'. This brew is popular among Americans. Dietary supplements in capsule form containing Hibiscus flower extracts are available. Also, several table recipes like salads use Hibiscus flowers. Hibiscus Margaritas are considered to be an exciting cocktail, and there are Hibiscus flower wines as well.

Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia and the state flower of Hawaii. This flower is truly one of God's great gifts to man.

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