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When most people think of lemons they usually consider the role of the lemon in drinks. Few people take time to truly consider how beneficial lemons are to health. There are a plethora of things that people can use lemons for because it comes in diverse forms. There are lemon balms, oils, extracts and juices. The following highlights several health benefits of lemons that many surprise many.

Immune System Booster
For hundreds of years people have used lemons to boot the immune system. Lemons have compounds called limuloids. These are strong agents that are known for helping the body fight diseases. The limuloids are also found in limes, but these compounds are more commonly recognized in lemons. The lemons also have antioxidants that help lower rates of various types of cancer.

Weight Loss
It may come as a shock to many, but lemons serves as a cleanser to the liver. It is also a digestive aid that helps the body break down food. All of this is important for people that are trying to lose some pounds. When the liver is cleansed and the digestive track is clear the body processes food better. This equates to more energy and a higher metabolism. This makes it much easier for anyone that is dieting to lose weight.

Cooling Agent
When people get burned lemons can be used as a cooling agent for the skin. The lemons are also quite important for people that have fevers and sores. Lemon can help people with burns reduce the burning sensations, but that is not all that the lemons can do. Lemons can even be used for dental care to whiten enamel.

Sore Throats
People can also get lemons for their sore throats. Lots of people that have the flu or a cold will commonly have a sore throat. Some people suck lemons while others will squeeze the juices from lemons. These juices are often mixed with honey to bring relief to a sore throat. This is a common home remedy that has often been proven to work better than prescription drugs.

Lowering High Blood Pressure
Lemons have the ability to help people lower their blood pressure if high blood pressure is an issue. It is also quite valuable in helping people control things like nausea and relieving dizziness. Lots of people that have high blood pressure will experience dizziness. Lemons can help people relieve all these side effects that come with high blood pressure. This includes the lowering of high cholesterol as well.

Constipation Relief
Lemon helps people digest food properly. This naturally makes bowel movements easier. That is why lemons are recommended for people that have constipation. The lemons have acid that helps the body restore pH balance. It works well in cleaning the digestive tract and this plays a major part in preventing constipation. People that consume lemons on a regular basis have a lot less issues with bowel movements.

Bacteria Fighting Fruit
Lemons play a great part in destroying antibacterial from deadly diseases. Lemon peels also have substances that reduce the risk for Parkinson's disease. Lemon juice has been linked to aiding other areas of the body where discomfort may take place. There has been evidence that lemon juice helps dissolve gall stones and kidney stones. It is the acid in the lemon juice that has been linked to this.

Skin Treatment
The citric acid isn't just for internal use though. There are also reports that the citric acid from lemons is good for the treatment of acne. This is what lots of teenagers can use to clear up the skin. It doesn't cost a lot to do this. The use of lemons for acne is a safe way to help people bring relief to a common problem. Lemons are even good for the skin infection known as Eczema. Many people go to doctors and get high dollar prescriptions to treat acne and other skin infections. Some severe cases may require prescription medications, but the mild cases can typically be treated effectively with lemons.

Pain Relievers
Lemons in different variations have been effective in relieving pain. There are some people that need a remedy for severe pain from arthritis. Lemon juices combined with water a couple of times a day can help people relieve their chronic pain. Individuals that have lemon oil can use this on the body to rub down the area that is in pain. All of this makes it easier to cope with the pain from different diseases.

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