Lemons, Colon Health and Beyond

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Lemons, the little yellow fruit with the big tart taste. Did you know that this little tart tasting fruit packs a load of health benefits? Let's take a look at how the lemon can benefit you.

Lemons, as is well documented, are rich in vitamin c...and since it is naturally occurring (as opposed to many synthetic, store bought vitamins) it is more readily used by your body. Simply put, vitamin c is good for your all around general health...from boosting your immune system to helping in degenerative disease (i.e. heart disease, strokes, cancer, diabetes etc.) prevention, and more.

Lemons are frequently used for diets and weight loss. You can add lemons (or lemon juice) to water and start drinking it throughout the day. This can be done as a diet or fast for several days, which will help to cleanse your colon/digestive system. And a clean colon will allow for better assimilation of other nutrients from your diet as well as facilitate a better-working elimination system (i.e. you will notice an uptick in restroom visits). All of this will help lead to better health, energy, and the loss of unnecessary weight and sludge hanging out in your colon.

Lemons can also be mixed with water and extra-virgin olive oil into a liver-cleaning cocktail. That's right, you can make a mixture of cut up lemons (skin and seeds included), extra-virgin olive oil, and water to assist in cleansing your liver. And since your liver is your body's main filter, a clean, healthy, and efficient working liver is a necessity.

Lemons can also help to increase the amount of oxygen in your body. Sir Edmund Hillary, made famous for reaching the summit of Mt. Everest, gave credit to the lemon for the great assistance it provided him in the high altitudes (less oxygen) while making his summit. More oxygen to your body will usually translate into less disease...your body likes oxygen...disease, parasites, bacteria do not.

Personally, I drink a big water bottle of chopped up lemons and filtered water just about every day. I drink it throughout the day and eat the little bite-sized lemon chunks (skin, seeds, and all) I placed in the water as I go. Every now and then I get some funny looks as the lemon chunks gradually disappear from my water bottle, but a few questions and odd looks is a small price to pay for better health.

The lemon has many other health benefits and uses that were not touched on here.... Google "lemon and health benefits" sometime to see what else the lemon can do for you.

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