The Basics of Raw Almond Butter

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In this new healthy lifestyle world, one product that is starting to get a lot of attention is raw almond butter. This product is very easy to use as an alternative to things like peanut butter, which have been known to pack a lot of extra calories in it. People are looking for easier ways to find healthier products that taste good, but do not have all the extra sugars, calories, and fat that other products so often have.

When thinking about raw almond butter, you should just imagine it as very similar to peanut butter, only made with almonds instead. Like the name implies, it is a very simple paste that tries to keep all of the health benefits of almonds in the food. Like always, there are going to be a few different types of almond butters, so knowing the differences is key.

For example, raw almond butter goes through a specific cooking process. The almonds are ground multiple times, but the temperature of the product is kept very low. The low temperature keeps the almonds from cooking, making the "raw" part of raw almond butter come into play. Since they are not cooked, the health benefits including the nutrients and minerals, and not to mention the flavor, are kept.

If you pick up a package that says something like "organic butter" or "raw organic butter" than that is referring to the way the almonds were created. Think of it as like when you go to the store and buy organic lettuce compared to the regular stuff. This is exactly the same principal. The organic brands are not going to contain anything that has been treated with chemicals and things of that nature. Picking those is going to be entirely a personal decision.

The big benefit of this product is creating a healthier alternative than normal things such as regular peanut butter. You may pay a little bit extra money, but you are going to get all of the health benefits that the product offers, and a lot of people really like that. So if you are in the market for a new snack that might help you lose weight, try changing your normal butter and peanut butters with raw almond spread.

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