The Curious Health Benefits of Lemons

Can you think of anything quite as refreshing as ice water with a squirt of fresh lemon on a hot day? Did you know that there are many health benefits of lemons and that a lemon water diet can help you lose weight? Read more to find out more about the fat burning powers of lemons.

New scientific studies have shown that fruits like lemons may help your body burn fat because they have been found to boost your body's metabolism. Lemons manipulate the body's thermogenic process, allowing it to burn stored fat and calories more efficiently than in the past.

Adding lemon water to your diet can change the pH level in your body, making it more acidic than alkaline. More acidicity means that you could experience increased weight loss. More studies are being conducted but consider this further evidence of the health benefits of lemons.

One recent report showed that those who consumed pure lemon juice had fewer sugar cravings than those one a placebo. Now, if you're not craving sugar as much there's less of a chance that you'll eat it. Other benefits of lemon than that this study uncovered were balanced blood sugar levels, avoidance of overeating, and higher energy levels. Who wouldn't want all those health benefits of lemons?

In addition to helping curb sugar cravings, lemon juice adds as a diuretic which means it helps you shed water weight. Though the weight loss might not be true fat, losing some water weight can make you feel lighter and encourage you to keep moving forward with your weight loss efforts.

What is the best way to follow the lemon water diet for weight loss? Just add fresh lemon to your ice water. You can also add to hot or iced tea. Some people also use just lemon juice on salads. If you need a little more flavor you can make your own lemon dressing by mixing lemon juice, oil and herbs. To get the most health benefits from lemons, keep the fruit in its raw form. Cooking or heating it will dilute its health and weight loss benefits.

Citrus fruits, like lemons are said to help with weight loss. Research continues on the fat burning powers of lemon, but there is no doubt that there are many health benefits of lemons and the lemon water diet.

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