The Miracle Fat Burning Powers of Onions

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While onions and other onion-family foods may force you to add a few more breath mints to your diet, these products miraculously help the body to burn fat! Exchanging a few extra calories for fresh breath is well worth it when you encounter the many fat-burning benefits derived from a diet rich in onions.

Onions and the Fat Burning Benefits
Onions, along with some of the other onion-family foods, help stimulate weight loss due to their natural richness of chromium. Chromium is an essential nutrient that improves the efficiency of insulin in the blood stream. With a more stable insulin release pattern, the body is able to maintain blood sugar levels, leading to more stable feelings of energy and stamina. While enhanced energy is certainly a perk, the greater benefit of stable energy and sugar levels is derived from the body's ability to abstain from food cravings and hunger. With stable energy and sugar levels, the body is less likely to send out hunger pains, as oftentimes the body will crave sugary and unhealthy foods in order to experience a short-term energy fix. If individuals consume foods that lead to an overproduction of insulin, the body encounters a low-energy crash and continues down the food-craving hunger pathway. Providing the body with chromium, onions help consumers feel more energized and fuller for longer periods of time, allowing consumers to comfortably restrict their caloric intake as they burn off stored fat to boost the body's functioning.

Fat Burning Onions
With only 35 calories in each half cup of onions, this flavorful vegetable can be added to many savory foods and dishes. Also, to ward off the bad-breath side effects, dieters can consume a bit of parsley, which has been proven to fight off some of the effects of bad breath.

Chives - A Delicious Fat Burning Food
Chives are another tasty alternative in the onion family, and they can be eaten either cooked or raw. Add chives to a salad or a healthy starch, like a potato, or even mix chives with lean ground meats (like turkey) for a low-calorie and fat burning flavor boost. Also, since chives are easy to grow, consumers can add some chive seeds to their gardens, or can even grow chives near a well-lit window, so the tiny fat burning vegetable is available all the time without hassle!

Losing Weight with Leeks
For a sweeter fat burning alternative, try adding leeks to some of your meals. With a sweeter taste when compared to other onion vegetables, leeks can enhance the flavors of soups and stews, while they can also be added to other dishes, such as stir fry.
Popular in the country of France, many diet experts even promote the consumption of a detoxifying leek soup, as the leek is full of vitamins and minerals. Best of all, this tiny sweet vegetable will boost your body's ability to burn stored fat, as it contains only 25 calories in a half of a cup!

Scallions for Shedding Pounds
Similar to the chive, scallions can be chopped and added to a variety of foods and dishes. Commonly used in salads and on potatoes, scallions provide consumers with the same fat burning benefits as many other vegetables in the onion family.

Shallots - A Sweet Fat Burning Food
As another sweeter onion option, similar to the leek, shallots are tiny onion vegetables that are less intense in their flavor. With a mild taste, shallots can be added to a variety of meals to boost consumers' fat burning benefits. Sautéed with other vegetables or meat, shallots allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of onions without the intense "onion" taste. Also popular overseas, nearly all shallots consumed in the United States are derived from France.

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