Treating the Common Cold With Onions

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A lot of people are not aware of the health benefits of onions. As a result, they have little idea that onions can help fight bacteria and viruses, thereby acting as a shield to protect our immunity. Historically, however, onions have been a part of several civilizations including the Egyptian civilization where onions were used as wages for the laborers who worked on the pyramids. In present times, doctors across the world are encouraging people to include onions in their diet, as they are rich in quercetin and phytochemicals.

It is interesting to note that the strong odor in onions that makes the eyes watery and nose to run is essentially the feature that strengthens our immunity system. Moreover, it helps our body to get rid of virus and reduce inflammation caused by congestion. Due to these factors, onions are widely used in soups and cough syrups. Onions produce heat in areas such as nose and help in limiting the effects of cold and cough to a great extent. Slices of onions can be put into a bowl and kept in the rooms at night. This can help in absorbing the bacteria and viruses from the air. This medication dates back to the year 1918 when the entire Spain was under clutches of a deadly Spanish flu. At that time a doctor found out that a farmer's family was unaffected by this flu as they had been following the medication mentioned above.

Although some people resist onions as they find the strong odor unbearable it has to be remembered that onions are perhaps the only anti viral, anti parasitic and anti bacterial vegetable that are also rich in potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, chromium and fiber. Therefore, it is always advisable to include onions in our everyday diet, especially when we are seeking immunity to the common cold and cough.

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