6 Great Ways to Add Onions to Your Meal

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Experts write about having a balanced nutritional diet everyday. We like to think that we are pretty good when it comes to the selection of foods we feed ourselves and our family. The onion is a little bit of a challenge. This article will give you a couple tips on how to include onion in your diet.

Unlike the apple which most people will just pick up and bite into it the onion is in a class all by itself that very few people will eat like an apple. The mere thought of this makes me shiver, and my breath would be unbearable for days, maybe a week or so.

Today when you go grocery shopping there are many different types of onions to pick from. You can have red, yellow, white, sweet, green, scallion, pearl.

The onion is an amazing vegetable which delivers a substantial amount of flavor to any meal.

Here are a 9 ways you can add onion to your diet.

  1. If you have a hard time cutting onions because they make your eyes water then I would suggest using onion powder. Some people like onion salt but I would rather use onion powder and add my own salt.
  2. Use a slow cooker and cut the onion into big chunks. Yes you have to peel it but a quartered onion can be done fairly quickly before your eyes start to water.
  3. Boil the onion for a minute in hot water. This technique will make the onion a little less harsh. I do this before I top a pizza with onion and find the onion much milder.
  4. Sauteed onions are a favorite food for hotdogs. Every time I go to a state fair My nose always leads me to a food vendor with sauteed onions.
  5. Raw onions are served on my burgers at my favorite hamburger joint. The taste just brings everything together.
  6. Add onion soup mix when to your hamburger meat when you make patties.
  7. Caramelized onions on steak, this is a great way to stretch your budget or add flavor.
  8. Chopped green onion compliments a baked potato very well. It will make your potato look just like the potatoes at the fancy restaurants.
  9. Thinly sliced red onion can be added to everything bagels with salmon.
  10. Add finely chopped onion to your BBQ sauce.
Onions and onion powder can be added to any meal to add amazing flavors. The health benefits of this vegetable are numerous so give it a try

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