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These flower add to the charm and beauty of your garden. There are different types of hibiscus, varying in color and size. As the name suggests this is a tropical flower. Hibiscus flowers are most commonly found in the Pacific Island regions such as Asia and Hawaii. These flower are normally considered to be Hawaiian flower. But only a few species of hibiscus flowers have the Hawaiian origin. The national flower of Malaysia is Hib-iscus.

Research shows that there are thousands of color combinations in hib-iscus flowers and their size varies from two-inch diameter to twelve-inch diameter. Some hibiscus flowers grow in bushes, only to a height of few feet. On the other hand there are some hibiscus plants that grow up to fifteen feet. To grow tropical hibiscus flowers in your garden you have to take care of certain aspects. Hibiscus flowers need warmth in the night, so if it is planted in pots it will be easy to move around. Pots must be prepared to provide ideal growing conditions for these plants.

Growing tips for hibiscus flowers: There are different varieties of hibiscus. So choose one from the wide range of that attracts you. Hibiscus plants can be planted either in pots or on the ground according to climatic conditions. The plant must be watered well. Use spray to keep away insects, but make sure you cover the underneath of leaves while spraying. Do not use strong fertilizers. You can dilute it by using water soluble or unscented liquid detergent soap. To control hibiscus pests it is safe to use orthene. Hibiscus producing plants need good sunlight to grow. It should be therefore planted in fifty percent sunlight.

Types of hibiscus: There are around two hundred species of hibiscus. Each species have unique flowers, but all of them have certain features in common. The most common species of hibiscus is the Chinese hibiscus and the rarest species is the Amottianus immaculatus. Hibiscus-flowers are available in different colors and shades such as red, orange, pink, white, purple and yellow. These flowers are quite popular as they are large, bright and conspicuous.

First time gardeners of planting hibiscus should check with the local nurseries to know which species is best suited for that area. It is difficult ascertaining the color of hibiscus flowers you purchase before it blooms. Most of the hibiscus-flowers have five petals that come with single or double layers.

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