Multi-Purpose Hibiscus Flower & Hibiscus Colors

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Who does not know the hibiscus? The popular flower that has been a part of so many loving flowers bouquets that we have gifted to our loved ones. It is found in quite a few bright colors like yellow, pink, red and white. It is beautiful flower. Bur apart from being beautiful, a hibiscus flower is immensely useful too. Some of the common uses of a hibiscus flower and hibiscus colors are:

1. Herbal Tea - Hibiscus tea or herbal hibiscus tea is a popular hot beverage in many countries. Different color variants of the hibiscus flower are used for making jams also.

2. Sorrel: Sorrel is a very popular cold beverage that is consumed during the Christmas time. It is often drunk with hard drinks like rum and wine.

3. Due to the presence of Vitamin C in it, hibiscus extract is also used for adding a tangy flavor to certain foods and drinks.

4. It is also used for worshiping purposes in India.

5. Hibiscus flower also forms a major constituent for making handmade paper.

6. It has medicinal properties that are helpful in treating dandruff and blood pressure irregularities. Loss of appetite, indigestion, and respiration problems can also be treated by hibiscus extracts.

7. Red-blue color of the hibiscus is a very popular food color that is derived from the dried hibiscus petals. The dried petals are then boiled in water to derive the red color extract from the hibiscus flower.

8. It is used as a garnish and a delicious vegetable in Mexican region.

9. Its fibers are used to make grass skirts and wigs in Polynesia.

10. Since it is a hair stimulator, it is used as a popular constituent in many of the popular brands of shampoos and conditioners.

Above mentioned ten points sufficiently prove that hibiscus flower is a very useful flower, that has medicinal properties attached to it. It is also a popular food additive and colorant for many food and cosmetic products.

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