Alternative Medicine Is A Growing Field For Those Interested In Unconventional Treatment Practices

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What is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine uses unconventional methods, such as prescribing herbal supplements rather than pharmaceuticals, to treat and prevent illnesses. Pursing a master's degree in the area is necessary for people who wish to be a professional in this field or a traditional healthcare professional desiring to implement alternative remedies into their practice.

What Are Some Treatment Methods Learned in an MA?

While earning your master's degree you will learn a variety of alternative methods with which to treat patients. Students will learn which herbs are effective in alleviating specific symptoms, and how physical activities such as yoga can be used to improve the health of clients, among various other treatment methods. The intensive curriculum will include the study of ancient healing methods from other cultures that have lasted the test of time and made use of accessible and natural resources.

Completing a Master's Program

This practice of medicine is a new field that is on the rise. It is completed in that same format as most other master degrees. One to two years are required and the completion of a thesis is also necessary to successfully fulfill the master's program requirements. If you have a traditional medicine degree and are interested in combining alternative and traditional methods to treat your patients, there are master's programs that focus entirely on how to effectively pair these two disciplines.

Alternative Medicine Program Prerequisites

Like any master's program, a bachelor's degree is required for admission. Students applying to a master's program in alternative medicine will stand a much better chance of being accepted if they have a background in a relevant field, such as nutrition. When applying to a master's program, you will need to submit your transcripts as well as test scores, personal essay, and recommendation letters.

Places of Employment for Practitioners

People who practice in the arena may start their own business or become employed by facilities that practice holistic healthcare. Complimentary alternative medical practitioners can choose to become lifestyle coaches, scholars, advocates, among other potential occupations. Employment for people in this career field is predicted to increase approximately twenty percent by the year 2020, which is an encouraging statistic indeed.


In the medicine field, there are many factors to how much money you make. Depending on whether you focus on a specific area of alternative medicine, like acupuncture, or you actively practice a variety of treatment methods, your salary will vary. On average, these practitioners can expect to earn about sixty thousand dollars a year.

Experience and education are also variables in the salary of this specific medicine professional. Researching areas where alternative medicine is popular can also help people in this field to determine where they will be most successful in their practice, which can impact income as well.

People are becoming more aware of the effectiveness of alternative medicine. A master's degree is necessary to excel in this field, regardless of whether or not you are pairing it with traditional medicine or practicing alternative medicine exclusively. There should be several top graduate school options to choose from when researching a degree in alternative medicine.

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