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Hibiscus are flowering plants known for the beauty of their flowers. There are over 200 species of this plant of which 'Chinese Hibiscus' and 'Rose of Sharon' are commonly grown. In this article you can learn about care tips, varieties, facts and some more useful information on this beautiful plant.


Bright direct sunlight is required. However, the plants will tolerate partial shade.

Water them very regularly to get the best of their blooms.

Hibiscus plants thrive in hot conditions. Also, Frost will kill them.

Prune them in late winters.

Propagation is a process that gives us new plants from the already existing ones. The hibiscus plants can be propagated by methods of cutting, air-layering, division, grafting or grown directly from seeds.

Common Varieties

  • Amber Suzanne
  • Chinese Hibiscus
  • Edward Foreman
  • Orville Davis
  • White Wings hibiscus
  • Clown Gown
  • Luna White
  • Goin Steady
  • Amazon Queen
  • White Chiffon rose of Sharon
  • Tigerama
  • Red Heart rose of Sharon
  • Luna Red
  • Rum Runner
  • Black Dragon

There are over 200 species of this plant.

Herbal teas and other edible products produced of Hibiscus are consumed in many parts of the world especially the Caribbean.

Chinese Hibiscus is Malaysia's national flower. Rose of Sharon is South Korea's national flower.

Hibiscus bark is used to make grass skirts and wigs. Also, in Indian medicine, hibiscus flowers are an important ingredients of a hair oil made to prevent hair loss. It is also used in Chinese medicine.

Hibiscus Tea
As the name implies, the hibiscus tea is a product of hibiscus plant material. This tea is caffeine free and can be consumed both hot and cold. It is considered to lower high blood pressures.

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