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The rising popularity in alternative medicine treatments mean that it is more important than ever to find qualified and educated alternative medicine practitioners. The American Institute of Alternative Medicine is helping to meet this demand by training those who are interested in the art of alternative treatments.

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine was originally called The Massage Away Therapy, Inc. School. Founded in Ohio in 1990, it reorganized its program to meet the needs of those seeking to become trained in other forms of alternative treatments. It now offers a large selection of programs in the alternative treatments.

The school relocated to North Columbus, Ohio in 1997. The staff is comprised of 45 employees that provide an intensive education and training program for those wanting to learn this industry.

In 2000, the school achieved accredited status, which was a huge bonus to its students. They were also granted permission for financial aid through the U.S. Department of Education, which helps students finance their studies.

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine offers programs in fields such as Therapeutic Massage, Chinese Massage, and Acupuncture. The study course at The American Institute of Alternative Medicine is streamlined to focus on these areas and avoid topics that are not thought to be beneficial to the students.

A student can be trained in traditional Chinese Acupuncture at The American Institute of Alternative Medicine in just 27 months. It is a very intensive training course that teaches students the techniques of Chinese Acupuncture as well as the elements associated with this ancient form of medicine.

This Institute also teaches Chinese Massage courses. There is emphasis on the study of muscles and anatomy, as well as an added focus on energy and obtaining balance.

Also, students learn about maintaining a successful business and learn useful techniques to help them to market themselves. These are helpful lessons that can be applied in the real world.

This Institute has a long history of success. This school not only trains its students in many popular alternative treatment practices, but in addition to the training, the school also provides the knowledge to help students learn how to run their own business, including learning skills in marketing.

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