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In a quest for a progressive natural health solution, one might take a close look at the healing potentials of Grifola frondosa or the Maitake mushroom. There are many types of edible mushrooms and they all are very nutritious and healthy for you, but Maitake mushrooms seem to be at the top of the list as far as its natural healing properties.

Maitake mushrooms can be found growing in the northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states as well as in eastern Canada, Japan, China and Europe. This edible mushroom grows in clusters at the trunk of dying or dead hardwood trees, especially oaks. The Maitake is a large mushroom with some specimens weighing more than fifty pounds.

Maitake mushrooms are delicious and can be consumed in many ways. This mushroom is excellent simply sliced and sautéed or it can be used in soups and stews. Another popular way this wonderful mushroom is consumed is by steeping the dried mushroom into a relaxing tea. You should experiment with Maitake mushrooms, adding them to your favorite recipes and enjoying its delicious flavor.

Many types of edible mushrooms are used as medicinal mushrooms, but perhaps Maitake mushrooms have the greatest healing potential. The purported healing properties of this medicinal mushroom are:

  • enhances the immune system
  • anti-tumor
  • regulates blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • cholesterol
  • triglycerides
  • aids in weight loss
  • chronic fatigue syndrome

There are many progressive natural health solutions available for the health conscious consumer. Maitake mushrooms are the most promising types of edible mushrooms. Perhaps the Maitake can deliver the health benefits you are looking for. Perhaps Maitake mushrooms are the solution for vibrant health and longevity. Perhaps the Maitake is a blessing from nature.

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