Mushroom Science: The Growing Popularity of Maitake Mushrooms

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Medicinal mushrooms are gaining popularity as an alternative cure for many diseases. They have actually been in use since ancient times, but fortunately their medical potential is now being harnessed for a greater number of people.

Japanese Maitake mushrooms are considered one of the front liners in the alternative medicine arena. It has been used as a medicinal mushroom Japan for several centuries now. Scientific and medical studies are underway to harness the full potential of Maitake, and the results so far look promising.

Maitake is popularly known in the scientific circle as a potent anti-cancer agent. This type of mushroom is known to contain immunity-building substances and shows tremendous potential for treating other diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In 1996, a scientific journal published a non-randomized study which tested Maitake on 165 subjects and revealed the efficacy of Maitake mushroom extract against leukemia, stomach and bone cancer. This study, among others, paved the way for Maitake mushroom extract, now known as Maitake Gold.

Maitake has a lot more benefits than those mentioned above. As with any other disease incidence, there exist various organic methods to help fight them. This is also the same with diabetes, which is a blood sugar level imbalance. Diabetics have to constantly monitor their blood sugar levels because it is dangerous if it goes too high or too low.

Fortunately, recent medical tests showed that Maitake mushroom extract, like Maitake Gold, contains a chemical that increases the body's sensitivity to insulin. This is a crucial process as the mushroom enhances the body's ability to recognize glucose levels.

Technically, this means that when Maitake extract is consumed, it directly helps lower and maintain the body's blood sugar levels. The effect of Maitake can be seen more easily when it is consumed or ingested through extracts in the form of Maitake Gold. Concentrated amounts of Maitake extract are measured like any prescription drug that diabetics take. Moreover, this medicinal mushroom can also help lower blood pressure and thus decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in diabetics and other people.

True enough, it does not matter in what form Maitake mushroom extract is consumed; what is important is the positive effect it contributes to people. Individuals may choose to eat it whole, consume it in the form of extract, or via Maitake Gold to get the same beneficial effects. Most people attest to improved blood pressure, digestion, and manageable blood sugar levels.

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