Natural Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid) Remedies and Treatment

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Hypothyroidism is a problem which is related with an underactive thyroid gland. It produces thyroid hormones in very less quantity and result into hypothyroidism. Millions of people are affected by this problem. Many people remain unaware of this problem. Thyroid is a small gland which is found in the middle of the lower neck.

A blood test is required to confirm the problem of an underactive thyroid gland. But the cause of hypothyroidism will remain still unknown. Thyroid scans and the results of antibody screening tests help to determine the underlying cause of the thyroid.

There are several causes of hypothyroidism like hashimoto's disease, due to the inflammation of the thyroid gland, as a result of treatment for hyperthyroidism, thyroid surgery, iodine deficiency, radiation therapy, pituitary/hypothalamic disease and other medications.

Some of the main symptoms of hypothyroidism are bloated stomach, low sex drive, poor concentration, thrush, weight gain or difficulty in losing weight, depression, constipation, heart palpitations, fatigue and exhaustion, dry and tangy hair or loss of hair, aching joints and muscles, swelling and puffiness in the eyes, face arms, menstrual problems like infrequent or heavy flow and legs and brittle or split nails.

Natural remedies for hypothyroidism are very effective. The herbs which are used for the treatment of hypothyroidism maintain the healthy functioning of the thyroid. Some of the important herbs which are used in the treatment for hypothyroidism are Fucus vesiculosus, Avena sativa, Coleus forskohliiv, Acornus, Dioscorea Poria, Paonia Ginseng and Cinnamon.

Fucus vesiculosus contain iodine and it is a sea vegetable. It is very effective for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Avena sativa is a nerve tonic and it is used to cure nerve disorder and it is very helpful in the treatment of hypothyroidism also. Coleus forskohliiv is an ayurvedic medicine and it is very helpful in reducing the blood pressure and it also help in the natural treatment of hypothyroidism. The rest of the herbs are very helpful and effective in the preparation of the natural remedy. These herbs also improve the metabolism of the body. Some of the herbs which are very helpful in curing thyroid weight imbalance are ginger, kelp and cayenne.

Nettle is an herb which is used in the natural remedies for hypothyroidism. It gives sufficient amount of iodine and deficiency of iodine is one of the major causes of hypothyroidism. So Nettle herb is very helpful in the treatment of hypothyroidism. Fruits rich in magnesium and calcium are the best natural remedies for hypothyroidism.

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