Red Hibiscus

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The Great Red Hibiscus is a type of hibiscus that is native to the swamps of Georgia and Florida. The flowers are a perennial type of flower, which arrived in the United States in the end of the eighteenth century. This flower came into the United States when President George Washington ordered this plant to place in his home in Mount Vernon. The Great Red Hibiscus is a very famous and sought after ornamental plant in the United States.

When to Plant:

The seeds of these plants should be planted in late spring of during the summer. The seeds should not be covered more than half an inch of soil. These plants can grow into a very large plant, growing up to six to eight feet tall. They will then bloom during mid-summer of its second season, and continue to bloom until cold weather sets in.

What They Need to Grow:

This breed of hibiscus is a very resilient one, tolerating harsh conditions. Importantly, these plants need abundant sunshine with partly shady areas, and consistently moist soil. They can survive in flood areas due to the fact that they can tolerate soil that has poor drainage. Soils that are rich is recommended when growing these flowers.

Even though growing these plants can be time consuming and require a lot of care and attention to detail, the hard work and dedication is worth it. The rewards outweigh the aggravation of growing these plants. The Great Red Hibiscus is widely known for its beauty and its ability to brighten up the room or garden.

These plants will produce flowers that are deep red in color that is at least six inches wide. These large flowers can serve you in many functions. They can be used as an indoor decoration, or keep them outside and create a beautiful red garden.

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