The Healing Powers of Tinnitus Herbs

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Are you currently suffering from the effects of tinnitus? If so, then I'm sure you're aware that there aren't many affordable treatment options available. Your doctor may even tell you that surgery is required. Fortunately, there are choices that are less intrusive and easier on the pocket such as the use of tinnitus herbs.

The use of herbal remedies for tinnitus has been used successfully by many people for the reduction of their symptoms.

Most of the tinnitus herbs can be found in health food stores, natural pharmacies, or your local grocery store.

Here's a list of the most commonly used herbs for the treatment of tinnitus:

Gingko Biloba: has been used for years to successfully treat tinnitus symptoms in some people. One of it's main actions is to increase the transportation of oxygen to the brain. Pregnant Women and persons taking blood thinners should not take Gingko Biloba without their doctor's permission. It's a good idea to get your doctor's permission prior to taking any herbal remedy.

Sesame: Sesame seeds have been known to be beneficial in helping to improve dizziness, blurred vision, and tinnitus.

Black Cohosh: Native Americans first used this herb for treating various illness. In addition to treating tinnitus, black cohosh has been used as a natural sleep aid and anti-inflammatory. The sedative properties can be beneficial since certain forms of tinnitus can be caused by stress.

Avena Sativa: Since certain forms of tinnitus can be caused by circulatory problems, Avena Sativa, would be a good choice for helping preventing such occurrences being that it helps to reduce high cholesterol problems. Avena Sativa has also been known to help in the prevention and treatment of depression and low energy levels.

Rosemary: This herb has been known to be advantageous to those with high blood pressure. The properties contained in rosemary has been shown to increase the functionality of the middle ear by strengthening the blood vessels. Certain cases of tinnitus can be the result of high blood pressure, so treating the hypertension could result in relief of both symptoms. If you suffer from high blood pressure, the treatment should be directed only by your doctor. Get permission from you doctor before taking rosemary to treat your tinnitus.

Cornus: Comes from a tree found in various parts of Korea and China. Its use as an herbal remedy dates back to over 2,000 years. Used alone, Cornus doesn't fall under the category of being a tinnitus herb. It has to be prepared with other herbs in order to be effective. Chinese Foxglove and Chinese Yam are two that are most commonly used. Preparation must be performed by an experienced herbalist.

Ligustrum: This one is beneficial to those with back aches, dizziness, and stress induced tinnitus.

These tinnitus herbs are only just a handful of the many herbal formulas that can assist in the improvement of tinnitus. Remember to see your doctor first, before you start any herbal treatment plan.

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