The Pros and Cons of Alternative Cancer Treatment

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I am writing this to anyone out there who has like me, joined the cancer club. I currently have breast cancer. I am not however, doing conventional treatment. I'm not having chemo, radiation, nor have I had a mastectomy. I am using an alternative cancer treatment called Protocel.

I first found out about Protocel from my gynecologist. Shortly after my diagnosis, his office kept calling me asking, "Can you come in today? Can you come in tomorrow? Can you come in on Friday? When can you come in?" I thought, "Why does my gynecologist want to see me so bad?" I was quite busy setting up appointments with an oncologist and for my chemo treatment, so I didn't get back to him right away. Finally, I went in to see him. He told me to research Protocel on the internet and to consider alternative treatment for my cancer. I was so impressed by what I read online that I decided to forego conventional treatment and use Protocel instead.

Many times when I tell people what I'm doing. I tell them, "There really are non-toxic alternative cancer treatments that really do work! Really!" The internet is full testimonies of people who were sent home to die, or supposedly had incurable cancers like pancreatic cancer who used Protocel, or some other alternative treatment and were cured. Yes, I use the word CURED!

Lately, whenever I see some famous person who has cancer I want to contact them and tell them to look into alternative cancer treatments. Recently, I saw that Steve Jobs has pancreatic cancer. I actually Googled him to see if there was a way that I could email him, but I couldn't find anything. Maybe by an intervention from God he will read this article.

Anyway, I wanted to write about the success that I'm having so far. In May 2011, I had a PET scan. It showed that my numbers had gone down from the previous PET scan that I had in October 2010. The radiologist also said that my numbers are so low that he really is not too concerned about me. He also said, "Keep doing what you're doing." Last December 2010, I had an MRI. It showed that my lymph nodes had cleared up and were now cancer free. This is HUGE because cancer spreads through the lymph nodes. If all this, "alternative cancer treatment business," were nothing but hogwash, I would not be showing improvement with these very conventional tests.

The downside of doing alternative cancer treatment is that you're kind of out there on your own. Most doctor's are not familiar with alternative cancer treatment, and will only recommend conventional treatment. You need to become your own expert. Doing alternative cancer treatment means going against your doctor's advice, and that can be a scary thing. You have to gather up your courage, and be assertive and firm in your resolve. It is also important to remain respectful of your doctor, and keep a good relationship with them. I have found that most doctor's are very caring individual's, who truly have their patients best interest at heart. They just want you to survive!

If you or someone you love has been given a grave cancer diagnosis, at least look up alternative cancer treatment on the internet. BE INFORMED! There are so many different types out there that it might be hard to decide which one you want to use, but if you do decide to use a powerful alternative cancer treatment, you just might surprise everyone and live

That day in my gynecologist's office he recommended a book to me called, "Outsmart Your Cancer." That book is full of information about many alternative cancer treatments besides just Protocel. That book has become my cancer Bible. I refer to it again and again. If you would like to order the, "Outsmart Your Cancer," book, Cick here;

For more information about Protocel as well as other alternative cancer treatments that really do work, I mean really do CURE CANCER, check out author Laurie Bassart's website

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