Who Is The Major User Of Traditional Chinese Medicine And Alternative Medicine?

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Research was done some months ago on who are the major users of traditional Chinese medicine, alternative medicine and complementary medicine. This research was insightful and may be helpful to you strategize your business. The following was what I have found.

It is understandable that the main focus of disease management for Chinese medicine is often getting to the root of the problem, not just controlling the adverse symptoms. The ultimate goal is to maintain the well-being of the biological system by balancing the body's systems. This is what most of my patients who came to see me are looking for.

It has always been very common among Chinese and other Asians patients in countries like Singapore to use TCM (Lee, et al., 2004), But, it has been shown that although most Chinese patients usually seek help first from doctors trained in Western medicine for most illnesses, a large proportion (42%) consulted traditional Chinese herbalists for further consultation for the same illness. Some turn to traditional medicine as a complementary or alternative treatment.

Many studies had indicated that TCM users tend to be women and are more educated. Women are the major users of healthcare service because of their biological nature. So with more women who are more educated in this modern societies, they will have better spending power. Hence, women are more willing to spend to attain a better holistic health than men.

It is from this research, a pracitioner will be able to better position his marketing strategies and enable those who have just started their business to have a idea who their initial market target should be, initially.


Lee GBW, Charn TC, Chew ZH and Ng TP. (2004). Complementary and alternative medicine use in patients with chronic diseases in primary care is associated with perceived quality of care and cultural beliefs. Family Practice, 21(6): 654-660.

Maurice Wong is a qualified TCM practioner and a Registered Nurse in one the acute hospitals in Singapore.

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