5 Common Myths About Herbal Supplements For ADHD

herbal supplements for treating ADHD

It's unbelievable how much misinformation is out there about herbal supplements for ADHD. Many parents are understandably worried about the potential side effects that can be caused by prescription drugs. However, herbal supplements are not necessarily any safer.

Here are 5 common myths uncovered about using herbal supplements for treating ADHD that you should be aware of prior to giving them to your child.

1. Herbal supplements for ADHD are all natural, thus they are completely safe. You might think that since herbal supplements are made of plant-based products they pose no health risks. However, high doses of herbs can actually alter your body's chemistry and therefore be just as dangerous as prescription drugs.

There have been some serious and lethal side effects reported by users of herbal supplements. If you want to give your child a remedy that is completely safe and side effect free, look into homeopathic remedies.

2. Herbal supplements for treating ADHD are non-addictive. Again, you might think that there are no risks to taking herbal supplements but they can actually be very addicting.

Stimulants for ADHD treatment make parents weary because they are so addictive but they don't realize that herbs are no different. Some herbal treatments are highly addictive and need to be monitored carefully. Homeopathic remedies can be taken safely and are not addictive.

3. Herbal supplements for ADHD do not interact with other medications. Herbal supplements actually do interact negatively with some medications so you have to be very careful before giving your child an herbal supplement for ADHD.

There is absolutely no risk of side effects or dangerous interactions with other medications when you give your child a homeopathic remedy. The same cannot be said for herbal supplements.

4. Herbal supplements for treating ADHD are holistic in nature. Herbal supplements work just like prescription drugs, in that they suppress the symptoms and don't address the underlying causes of ADHD.

If your child stops taking herbal supplements, his ADHD symptoms will come back in full force. If you want to help your child achieve permanent recovery from ADHD, your best bet is to give him a homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathic remedies contain natural substances that balance your brain and body to promote a positive demeanor and improved mood. They restore balance at a cellular level and help your child holistically heal from ADHD.

5. There is no difference between homeopathic remedies and herbal supplements for ADHD. Many people mistakenly believe that herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies are one in the same. However, herbal supplements are far more similar to prescription drugs than they are to homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy operates on the "like treats like" principle, meaning that only minute amounts of certain substances are used to help the body heal its self. However, herbal supplements contain higher concentrations of certain herbs. Some of them can even be dangerous because they are taken in such high doses.

So there you have it. Now that you are aware of some of the common myths out there about herbal supplements for ADHD, why waste your time with them? It's clear to see that homeopathic remedies give you far more bang for your buck.

Homeopathic remedies are highly effective but much safer to give to your child. You can give your child a homeopathic remedy on a regular basis to maintain good health and alleviation from the symptoms of ADHD.

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