A Comprehensive List of ADHD Herbal Remedies

adhd herbal remedies

With so much being written and said about the harmful side effects of ADHD drugs, there is a huge demand for safe ADHD treatments. Among the safest of treatments, are the ADHD herbal remedies. Herbs have been trusted medicines for humans since time immemorial and so it is not surprising at all now that more and more people are turning to these very herbs to seek a cure for ADHD.

Listed below are the most effective herbs used to treat ADHD.

1. Brahmi - Brahmi is an herb that is known to strengthen the remembering capacity of the brain. It therefore is useful as children with ADHD are often forgetful.

2. Scuttellaria laterifolia - Scuttellaria laterifolia or simply Skullcap, is a herb that soothes the mind and body. It is used to balance out emotions and hence prevents inappropriate emotional outbursts in children suffering from ADHD.

3. Green oats - Green outs make the nervous system healthy. This helps an ADHD child by giving them greater control over their actions.

4. German chamomile - German chamomile is considered to be one of the best ADHD herbal remedies as it naturally eases tension and stress. Anxiety is a very common symptom of ADHD and so using this herb helps relax the child considerably.

5. Schisandra - Another very effective ADHD herbal remedy, Schisandra is used to boost the capacities of the brain. Most children with ADHD are slow learners and workers. For them, this herb proves to be a blessing.

6. Gotu cola - This herb is also used to enhance memory, accelerate the brain and regulate mood swings.

7. St. John's wort - ADHD often brings depression and a feeling of despair along with it. St. John's wort is a very useful herb in relieving such symptoms.

8. Siberian Ginseng - Most ADHD patients find it very difficult to concentrate. However, with the help of this ADHD herbal remedy, the patient can concentrate much more and do well.

9. Tuberculinum - Tuberculinum is an excellent herb for reducing the signs of frustration. It is also used to control temper tantrums.

10.Panax Ginseng - This age-old Chinese herb is very useful for treating ADHD as it reduces anxiety and reinforces the nervous system.

The above listed ADHD herbal remedies have been in practice for many years. Even before the chemical drugs were invented, people relied on such herbal remedies to cure ADHD. They are completely safe, free of side effects and treat the disorder while being gentle to the body. So if you are looking for a harmless ADHD remedy, do not hesitate to try out these ADHD herbal remedies.

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