Acerola Cherry: The Botox in a Bottle Superfruit

With 30 times more Vitamin C than orange juice and crammed with antioxidants, it's no surprise this superfruit is often referred to as a "youthberry" or Botox in a bottle. Or that celebrities such as Simon Cowell and supermodels make it part of their daily diet. But acerola isn't the preserve of the rich and famous (though you'll have to visit tropical climes if you want to pluck the berry from the bush). It can be enjoyed by anyone keen to stave off ageing and stay body beautiful. It's also available from Raw to Door as part of the Detox Plus.

Glowing skin
Acerola cherry has been making waves within the beauty industry for its age-defying results. Helping to promote collagen production and improve skin tone and elastin, this antioxidant-rich superfood also helps to defend against the damaging effects of free radicals, which can age skin prematurely and leave you looking older than you are.

Wrinkle eraser
While the Vitamin C in the acerola cherry helps you avoid looking like a prune by promoting tissue growth and repairing and ironing out wrinkles, it is also thought to boost our immune defence system. Vitamin C also helps reduce stress levels, making it an all-round winner in our beauty books.

Healthy heart
The acerola cherry is low in saturated fat and sodium, and very low in cholestrol helping to maintain heart health. Packed with anthocyanins, an antioxidant believed to help protect blood vessels, this little berry really ticks the ticker box for looking after your heart.

Dieter's dream
The acerola cherry is low in fat and contains just 31.4 kcal per 1 cup (source: Nutrition Data) making it ideal for weight loss and snacking in-between meals. What's more, it's a natural, healthy food that doesn't taste like those synthetic, tasteless weight-loss products sold on the high street. You know the ones we mean!

Sparkly eyes
Acerola cherry is a good source of Vitamin A, which contains retinol for good vision and shiny eyes. It also helps the bones and teeth stay healthy and strong, and keep the major organs in good shape. Perfect for conveying radiance and health through the windows to your soul.

And if that wasn't enough, acerola cherry is a good source of fibre, helping the body to remove toxins which in turn can make us feel happier, look better and avoid many common and life-threatening illnesses. It also contains riboflavin, folate, magnesium, potassium and copper - other vitamins and minerals essential for optimum health.

Acerola cherry shot is available from Raw to Door as part of the Detox Plus.

Natasha Clancy is owner of Raw to Door, a juice and meal detox service helping to change people's attitudes to juice cleansing and raw food. Detoxing is often perceived as difficult and stressful. Our aim, through providing tastier, accessible, flexible products, is to exact positive change on the nation's health, to help cut obesity levels, and, ultimately, transform lives.


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