Acerola Cherry-Orange Drink of Brazil

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Acerola Cherry - Orange Drink of Brazil High in Vitamin "C"

The Acerola fruit drink is very popular in Brazil. It is as popular as orange drink in North America. People in Brazil take this drink for vitamins and improving body nutrition's. In other part of the world it is taken as herbal medicine for various diseases.

What is Acerola?

A native plant found in Caribbean especially in West Indies. The traces of Acerola are also found in South America and Central America. In America it is found at certain places such as Texas, California and Florida.
The Acerola fruit is like small cherry with many seeds in it. It comes in pink and white color. The fruit is very juice and its shell life is limited once it is plucked from Acerola tree branches.

The fruit grows in different kind of soil such as heavy soil, marl and clay etc. The plant is drought-tolerant and can live with limited supply of water. The plant lives well in dry areas. The only problem is low temperature especially below 30° F the baby plant will die in such cold condition. All over the world Acerola plant has been introduced in sub-tropical areas for cultivation. Out of all areas, Brazil stands tall in terms of cultivation and consumption.

Acerola Benefits

Traditionally, Acerola fruit has been used for dysentery, diarrhea and for some common diseases. It is also considered as rich source of vitamin "C". It can be taken as food or blended in juice.

Apart from high dosage of Vitamin "C", it also provides vitamin "A", thiamine, niacin, calcium, iron and other vitamins and minerals. Because of being qualitative fruit in high vitamins it also comes as herbal supplement at drug stores.

It has also been used in baby food for providing as vitamin "C" supplement source. Also, it is popular among people for household recipes.

Acerola Juice: The pup of berry is mashed and blended with water or other juices for drink. Locals drink juice only made from Acerola fruit.

Acerola Fruit: The Acerola tree is small and it has five petal flowers. Depending upon geographic location and climate condition it can give fruits one or twice in a year. Locals eat fruits for their daily diet along with other fruits. The fruit is seasonal and once removed from trees it needs to be consumed quickly. Private companies in the business of herbal medicine get Acerola in frozen form from local areas and process it in pills and capsules for herb lovers.

Acerola Scams: Because of its vitamin "C" popularity lot of fake companies and con people sell fake Acerola at cheaper price to lure unsuspecting people. Buy from reputed stores and avoid Acerola scams. Always take doctor's advice before taking any herb, lot depends upon your medical condition.

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