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To children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the world is a dizzying kaleidoscope of images, sounds, and thoughts constantly shifting in a blur. They get easily distracted, are always daydreaming, and have a hard time controlling their impulses. Most children with ADHD take prescription medication to treat the condition, but there are also a number of herbal remedies for ADHD that work just as effectively. One such remedy is called Focus Formula, a potent combination of herbs known to promote healthy brain functioning.

Focus Formula was created by a group of naturopaths, homeopaths, and herbalists in order to provide children and adults with a safe, natural ADHD remedy that will not compromise their health. Due to advances in herbal extraction, the Full Spectrum manufacturing process of Focus Formula ensures the balance and bio-availability of all the herbs' active ingredients. The method of manufacturing also reduces the likelihood of side effects as the central nervous system gets nourished. However, the success of Focus Formula is mostly due to its careful selection of herbs, which are mixed in appropriate doses.

Gingko biloba

A mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine, gingko biloba is derived from one of the oldest trees in the world. Today, it is one of the most popular herbal remedies in Europe because of its ability to improve nervous system functions like working memory and concentration. A number of studies also show that gingko biloba promotes a healthy circulatory system. The active ingredients of gingko biloba are bioflavins, flavones glycosides, lactones, anthocyanin, and sitosterol.

Annual nettle

Also known as urtica urens, annual nettle is used by herbalists to maintain normal glucose levels in diabetics. This is important for children with ADHD because the brain needs a stable supply of glucose in order to function well. Like gingko biloba, annual nettle also keeps the circulatory system healthy. Its active ingredients include acetylcholine (needed for healthy memory), histamine, and vitamins A, B, and C.


Skullcap is known to be a potent natural treatment for ADHD, because of its ability to balance moods and maintain the mind's natural equilibrium. Studies of skullcap's effects on ADHD show that it can induce relaxation without dulling the senses or causing drowsiness. Skullcap's active ingredients are flavonoids, tannins, minerals, and volatile oil.

Gotu kola

Another important natural treatment for ADHD, gotu kola is widely used by practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine to improve verbal recall and working memory. Studies suggest that gotu kola can enhance the blood flow to the cerebellum, enabling more oxygen-rich blood to penetrate the deeper areas of the brain. Its active ingredients include a number of natural remedies for ADHD such as thiamin, riboflavin, calcium, sodium, magnesium, brahmoside, and brahminoside.

Focus Formula is a concentrated tincture of all the herbs mentioned above, and should only be administered in drops. The recommended dosage for children under age 15 is one drop per biological age in a glass of water after breakfast and after dinner (e.g., an eight-year-old child will need 8 drops of Focus Formula). Teenagers and adults should take 15-20 drops in water after breakfast or after dinner. For best results, Focus Formula must be a component of a holistic treatment plan for ADHD.

Dr. Yannick Pauli is an expert on natural approaches to ADHD and the author of the popular self-help home-program The Unritalin Solution. He is Director of the Centre Neurofit in Lausanne, Switzerland and has a passion taking care of children with ADHD. Click on the link for more great information about ADHD herbal remedies.

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