Effects of Slimming Green Tea

A lot of slimming teas are available over the counter because it has been used as a natural supplement for weight loss. One of the most popular teas that have proven very effective is the slimming green tea. It is known for its high antioxidant content which helps in weight loss and for promoting the metabolic rate increasing fat loss in the process. Because it is almost caffeine free it is not considered a stimulant and is a great fat burner and slimming agent. Tea can be taken in several forms. You can brew tea leaves or pre-packed tea bags or you can take the capsule form with green tea extracts. It is up to you which form will best suit your needs and your lifestyle.

Here is a rundown of the good effects of slimming green tea especially for weight loss:

o Helps burn around 70 calories per day.

o As an appetite suppressant and when taken before meals will make you lose your appetite and thus lessen your calorie consumption.

o Helps regulate blood glucose level which employs carbohydrates in our body to be used as fuel rather than being stored for fat.

o Its thermogenic properties increases your body's metabolic rate making you use up more calories.

o Increased endurance as a result of taking green tea will help you lose weight faster and will give you enough energy boost to do exercises or work outs.

o Because of the increased fat burning and metabolic rate effect of the tea, there is lower occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

o Increased alertness is also one effect of taking green tea.

o Its diuretic effect helps your body to dispose of excess fluids which has been retained by your body.

o Helps in lowering bad cholesterol and in increasing good cholesterol and also in lowering blood sugar levels.

o Studies have also come out on the positive effects of tea in retarding the growth of cancer cells.

Although the effects of slimming green tea may be many, the weight loss result that you are anticipating may not come so suddenly. Tea taken in conjunction with exercise and proper diet will have a faster and more visible effect on you.

There are very little known side effects because of its being a very natural substance, however, caution should still be taken especially for people who have pre-existing kidney problems, heart conditions and panic and anxiety disorders unless a doctor has been consulted on its use.

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