Herbal Supplements For Treating ADHD - Some Precautions to Take

herbal supplements for ADHD

We now know from a study done by the NIH on 600 children over a three year period who were on ADHD medications, that they had no long term effectiveness and resulted in stunted growth. So are herbal supplements for treating ADHD the answer? Probably not as there are no studies to show that they can be effective in the long term either. But there are some herbs which can alleviate ADHD symptoms- you just have to take a few precautions in making sure you select the right ones. You need to take a long hard look at the company producing herbal supplements for ADHD.

The main precaution to take is that just because somebody is trying to sell you herbal supplements for treating ADHD, you think it's natural and natural equals safe. Wrong ! We are talking about plants here and extracting elements for healing from the bark, leaves, flowers, stems and roots. This is the oldest medicine known to man. Modern medicine has used plants and herbs extensively - just think of morphine and codeine which come from the poppy. Even the word 'drug' comes from the Dutch word 'druug' which means a dried plant. But the modern drug industry is supervised and is usually under the supervision of the FDA to make sure certain standards and procedures are in place to guarantee safety. That is the main criterion for judging the safety of herbal supplements for ADHD and the first question you should ask is if it is under FDA supervision.

The bottom line is that if there is no FDA supervision we have no idea of how that plant was grown, what toxins/pesticides are present in it and what compounds were added in its processing.. Some herbs are dangerous , for example hemlock and a more recent example is Ephedra which is now banned in the USA because it was linked to heart attacks, strokes and a number of deaths.

One herb which has been found to be beneficial for some children with ADHD who suffer from insomnia is the herb Valerian. There are several hundred varieties of this herb grown but the best one to go for is 'Valeriana officinalis'. Again if you can buy this from a reputable company, you can feel safe. If your child is on ADHD medication, he may have problems sleeping. This is one of the safest herbal supplements for treating ADHD on the market. But if an ADHD child is on a homeopathic remedy, then the sleep problem will never be an issue as there are no side effects.

While the drug companies claim that they can offer innovative treatment for ADHD in children and adults they still have to produce drugs that are safe and non-addictive. This is where herbal supplements for treating ADHD and especially homeopathic remedies can beat them hands down. All you have to do is find the right company which is qualified and experienced. The company below is also a registered FDA facility. Why not find out more about their outstanding record in safety and their guarantees by clicking on the link below.

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what ADHD Alternative Therapy is available.

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