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Anise is a widely used medical supplement for intestinal and other stomach upsets. Other than being an aromatic spice for your food, it has a number of health benefits as well. People often use anise along with many other spices to add flavor but are unaware of the medical benefits that these spices contain. Anise is a famous spice used in cuisines round the globe. Since the past, culinary experts are aware of the fact that using anise extract on a regular basis can solve health problems. It is particularly productive in dealing with stomach disorders and weight loss. The spice is also used in liquors to add flavor and aroma.

Anise is renowned for soothing an upset stomach. People have been using it for centuries and adding food to aid digestion and upset stomachs. As it has a strong flavor, it can be distasteful to gulp the seed directly. This is the reason why the anise extract is more preferable. With these extracts, you can have it easily without suffering through the unpleasant taste of anise in your mouth. These extracts now come in various forms like pills, powder, oil, etc. for people to have it and solve their stomach discomfiture. Anise is a natural herb and prevents any side effects while offering the complete benefits to its user. This herb is especially popular in the Middle Eastern countries, but has now taken route across the world even in Western medicine.

The flavor is extracted from the seed of star anise. This spice looks like a wooden flower with 6-8 petals and used for flavoring food. Anise extract is made through a process called absorption. It involves extracting flavor from anise. But not many people prefer having an extract added to their foods. The other alternative to this problem is the use of effective pills. Acting as an expectorant, it relieves bloating, irritation of muscles and joints. So, that means having anise in winters is very necessary. This explains why people consider it handy to buy anise for their kitchens.

Anise extract can also prove to be very helpful in easing menstrual cramps. Females should take anise during their periods to help relieve the pain. It helps to relax the muscles of the uterus and completely alleviates the pain. Many people are opting for these pills to lose weight. Anise aids in the body's digestion and improves fat metabolism. From reducing stress to alleviating cold and flu, the spice has a number of benefits which can prove vital.

The spice is easily available on medical stores today. It has gained popularity due to its vast range of medical and culinary qualities. There are many online websites which also offer these spices for sale. Just search for anise extract online and you will find a list of websites which cater to your requirement. Buy anise extract now for you and your loved ones good health. This will ensure maximum health benefits for your family and your own self.

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